I help short-handed product management and marketing teams plan and launch new consumer technology products.

A product is only as good as its story. I can help you create and tell a compelling story, and more importantly, make sure your product lives up to it. I work with Engineering, Marketing, Sales, Business Development, Operations, and Finance, at every level of the company, to create and ship standout products.

I have PM experience with hardware, software, web and mobile apps: the Mac Classic, video editing software, an Internet apparel site, a personal health management product, a web-platform for conducting qualitative research, to name a few. I led the product team that designed and developed, from scratch, Kindle for webOS, a popular 4+ star mobile app that is beautiful, functional, and unique.

I enjoy working with talented, customer-centric creatives whether they work in Photoshop® or Objective-C®. I am a continuous learner and keep up with evolving web tools and technologies by developing a personal site, Maddie’s Trails, which combines many interests: hikes, photos, maps, apps, and Labs.

Recently I have been conducting competitive research related to Internet music and radio; helping a start-up define, prototype and launch a personal financial services web-app; and experimenting with emerging front-end frameworks like AngularJS and Ionic.

If you need help creating and launching an amazing product, please contact me.